Anti-Bullying Ambassador

So what is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador?

Have a look here:

I am looking to enrol some new Anti Bullying Ambassadors to Join our already trained team:-

(Erin Campbell, Rueben Benkell, Elliot Brown, Leah Hamilton, Ella Joyce, Will Orams, Phoebe Simpson, Harvey Pearce, Sam Shaw, Max Sketcher, Layla Roshan, Maggie Sadler, Bruno Goachet Butler and Milo Macpherson )

Ambassadors do not have a type,

They will be:

  • A mixture of students who have may have previously been bullies (and understand the error of their ways), maybe they have been bullied themselves and / or have even been a bystander in the past and want to do something more than they have previously.
  • Students from different year groups (years 5-10)
  • Students with different abilities and skill sets

The Fabulous training takes place on the day of 13th of September at Crofton School in Alton , Hampshire

Shoreham College needs you to help us make a difference.

Any Questions see Mrs Jangles, Mrs Stokes, Mr Harris or any of the AntiBullying Team

This year we want to launch a pupil speak Anti Bullying Policy and run events a full range of events throughout Anti Bullying week in November

The main thing I am looking for:

  • Students who are passionate about making a positive change in school

So if this is you, then open this application form and become one of Shoreham College's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs)

Both these links open the same form presented in 2 different formats:

Word document application form

Google Doc application form